Sunday, 22 April 2012

Plan early to avoid disappointment

There is a deal of good news for people looking to purchase property in France with three of the biggest lenders recently cutting interest rates and the current continuing strength of sterling against the Euro.   (Financial Times Money Section 14 April 2012)  However, it is all too easy to get carried away when property hunting and one useful exercise that you can carry out, even before arriving in France is to investigate exactly what funds you might be allowed to borrow.   With an approval in principle you will both be more certain of the price bracket in which you can search, but when the time comes to negotiate, this will also stand you in good stead in your sincerity as a purchaser.   Bear in mind that the process of applying for a French mortgage can take many weeks and so it is always worth getting the ball rolling early.   Of course, mortgage rates and conversion rates will always fluctuate, but by understanding exactly what may be on offer to you you will have cleared the first hurdle of the buying process.